January 25, 2014

Licence to fly UAV

Q.  Do I need a licence to fly UAV?  A.  According to the CAA, if you intend to use it for any kind of data capturing or surveillance, then yes, you do need a licence.  You may also be required to inform the CAA before commencing any flights.

Q. What are the licence types?
A. There are three main licence types covering three different categories of mass.  Please note:  this is a guide.  You should always refer to the CAA’s website for definitive answers, notes, exceptions, and exemptions.

Total Aircraft Mass Airworthiness Approval Required? Registration Required? Operating Permission Required? Pilot Qualification (Licence)
<20 kg and less No No Yes Yes BNUC-STM or equivalent
>20 kg, up to and including 150 kg Yes Yes Yes Yes, BNUCTM or equivalent
>150 kg EASA Permit to Fly or UK Permit to Fly in accordance with ‘B conditions’ Yes Yes Yes, BNUCTM, CPL(A) or equivalent