Why learn about drones and UAV now?

SteadiDrone Mavrik
SteadiDrone Mavrik

SteadiDrone Mavrik

Some people may be hesitating and asking themselves “Why learn about drones and UAV now?”  For those already involved in the industry the answer will be obvious, but if you’re new to it or if you have two or more career options under consideration then you may need some more convincing.

Take a look at the graph below.  This illustrates the growth in popularity of the search term over time relative to other search terms.  The drone industry is growing rapidly and now is an excellent time to become part of it.  Now is the time to catch the wave.

As the technology develops so do the areas of specialisation.  Stop anyone in the street and ask them what they think drones do and they’ll probably assume that their all fitted with conventional cameras that record still and video images, but UAV are increasingly being used for a variety of other purposes.  The payloads attached to quadcopters, fixed wing UAV, and multirotor craft are also being developed along with the aircraft themselves.

All the businesses and industries associated with UAV, directly or indirectly, should start planning for the opportunities that this growth is creating.  As an individual, you might want to think about the areas in which you might specialise.

For example:

  • Flying drones as a Remote Pilot
  • Software Development
  • UAV design, building, and testing
  • Data Analysis
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Businesses: aerial photography, 3D mapping, thermal inspection etc.

Not everyone will want to run their own business and if you’re looking for employment then make sure your overall knowledge is sound and up to date while specialising in one or more areas.  Keep abreast of the changes and developments by following not just the market leaders but also the up and coming small companies who have something new to offer.

There may be two people working on one product in the drone and UAV sector now who will be household names in five years time.  Could that be you?

Why shouldn’t it be you?  The field is open and the opportunities are there for those willing to take the leap of faith.