Marketing Property with Drones

marketing property with aerial photos

Marketing Property with Drones

The property market is one of the latest sectors to explore the benefits of UAS (unmanned aircraft systems) and their expanding commercial applications. In an industry where being ‘first to the market’ is often critical, the speed and ease with which drones/UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) can be deployed for a property survey is a major advantage. Likewise the quality and relevance of the photographic and video material generated, plus the additional interactive options available, make this an impressive marketing tool, both for selling property to clients and for giving agencies using such methods a hi-tech profile and thus a ‘competitive edge’.  Marketing property with drones has enabled quicker sales of both commercial and residential properties.

Non-intrusive Access

Some types of building may prove difficult to access and photograph by normal means, or the access may be dangerous or otherwise restricted. Such properties might, for example, include historic listed buildings, unusually tall buildings, inaccessible roof structures and similar. In all such circumstances, a UAS survey would provide marketing images and data without the need for extensive, or extended, access permissions. In addition, full-blown traditional surveys of large commercial sites for property-market purposes are costly and time-consuming, and here a UAV not only does the job quickly and well, but also provides a helpful site overview as well as good quality close-up images. And furthermore, a UAV survey is much less likely to interrupt work schedules.

Technological advantages of marketing property with drones

Precise aircraft control alongside the deployment of gyro-stabilised high-resolution camera equipment gives clients the option of full 360-degree, three-axis imaging, and sophisticated camera tilt, zoom and shutter functions allow close, real-time control of the entire process. And where HD video is used to capture information, the ability to pause on demand means that high-quality stills can also be extracted from the resultant footage whenever required. Perhaps the greatest benefit of all is the live videolink relaying aerial images direct to a ground station screen. This interactive facility enables clients to monitor and direct the kind of images the UAV will secure, and all results can be reviewed instantly.

Inspection and maintenance

The survey process is very similar when properties are inspected for damage, or as part of a regular maintenance schedule. Once again, the ease with which a UAS system can gain close-up, instant access to roof areas and other hard-to-reach locations beats hauling platforms and towers around the site every time. And because the operation is quick and cheaper than traditional methods, companies are finding that this aspect of building maintenance is starting to look much more affordable