January 4, 2019

Anti Drone Defence Systems – 13 Countermeasures

In this post I’ve listed 13 of the current drone defence systems available for commercial use.

At the risk of stating the obvious let me emphasise that I’m very much pro drone.

I learned to fly drones several years ago, sold them online, then started and subsequently sold an aerial photography business.

You’ll find a playlist in my YouTube channel of 35+ videos that promote the use of drones in constructive ways.

Now I concentrate on promoting UAV and other forms of aviation for both business and recreational purposes, hence this website.

However, with the proliferation of drones commercially and among hobbyists there is a growing need for protection against accidental, criminal, or malicious drone flights over sensitive areas and events.

You may have seen the reports in the media about drones being used to transport contraband and weapons into prisons.

Drones have been used in ways that contravene privacy laws and for acts of voyeurism.

Small quadcopter and fixed wing drones have been used as weapons of war in Syria.

And who can forget the (alleged) infringement of airspace at Gatwick Airport in December 2018.

While we may debate how much of the threat is real or imagined the perception among those responsible for the safety and security of such sites is such that drone defence has become a necessity.

If terrorists did succeed in attacking an airport, oil refinery, or another critical part of the infrastructure using a drone then people would be asking why no drone defences were in place to prevent such an attack in the first place.

The simple fact is that drone defences need to be positioned at certain sites to act as both a deterrent and a viable neutralising defence system.

So the attention is now turning to proactive defence systems rather than relying on laws and hope alone.

Anti Drone Defence Systems & Countermeasures

Here then are 13 of the current drone defence systems available for commercial use.

  1. DroneDefence offer a selection of countermeasures like SkyFence, which activates a virtual wall around a perimeter and AeroSentry® which detects a drone’s RF signature up to 5km away. Learn more at DroneDefence.co.uk.
  2. AntiDrone – A suite of more than 15 tools and services for drone defences, jamming, and interception. Learn more at anti-drone.eu.
  3. Drone Dome – An anti UAV system from Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. Used by the British Army and US Special Forces against ISIS in Syria. Learn more at rafael.co.il.
  4. DroneDefender® – A counter UAS (C-UAS) device that neutralises the operator’s control of the drone. Learn more at Battelle.org.
  5. DroneShield – Another company offering a suite of several tools designed to be used in a variety of locations. Learn more at droneshield.com.
  6. Excipio Anti Drone System – This is a counter UAV system that uses a drone to capture a drone by shooting a net over it. Learn more at theisuav.com.
  7. Guard From Above – a low tech way of intercepting hostile or intrusive drones using birds of prey. Learn more at guardfromabove.com.
  8. Liteye – Their Counter-UAS Defense System (CUAS) has been used by the US armed forces. Learn more at liteye.com.
  9. SKYNET™ Mi-5 drone defense rounds are 12 gauge short range anti drone rounds. Available from LessLethal.com.
  10. SkySafe offer drone defense and airspace control solutions. Learn more at skysafe.io.
  11. SkyWall 100 is a mobile device that fires a net capable of capturing an intrusive drone. Learn more at OpenWorksEngineering.com.
  12. Sparrow Hawk is another C-UAV in the form of a drone that captures a drone using a net. Learn more at SearchSystems.eu.
  13. AeroScope is DJI’s product that identifies, tracks and monitors rogue drones. Details at dji.com/aeroscope.

If you know of any other drone defence systems and anti drone countermeasures then please post a comment below.