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Drone Laws and Codes of Conduct

As the quadcopter and other multirotor market continues to expand and as the popularity of these aerial vehicles continues to grow, countries all over the world are having to hastily draft new legislation to control their use.  In the UK the CAA has this task in hand and so far it appears to be serving its purpose, and although there has been one recent prosecution it’s still early days yet.  In some countries there are no drone laws at all and perhaps the national civil aviation authority decides to impose a blanket ban while its legislators catch up with what is going on at low level altitudes in its national airspace.  This is obviously the worst possible scenario for any fledgling aerial photography companies or keen enthusiasts.

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March 28, 2014

Eavesdropping Drones

One of the concerns that is often raised about the appearance of drones in our skies is the idea that they are there to spy on us.  The prospect of  seeing sUAV hovering in the sky nearby that mights be listening in to your phone call has produced the spectre of eavesdropping drones collecting data on everything we say and do.  It’s certainly true that multi-rotor craft that carry a payload containing the equipment necessary to exploit security weaknesses in mobile phones have been built.  This was demonstrated recently at the Black Hat Asia cybersecurity conference in Singapore.

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