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Drone Categories in the UK

If you stop a person in the street and ask them what they know about drones they are likely to mention the use of drones by the military, or perhaps they’ll call to mind their use in surveillance.  However, increasing numbers of people are becoming aware of their many uses in civilian life and for commercial purposes.  The range of drones now in existence is so great that there are many ways in which to categorise them, so in this post we’re going to look at some of those drone categories in the UK.

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February 26, 2014

Drones with Cameras in the Fashion World

Drones with cameras will be used to film the catwalk action at the Fendi fashion show this week, according to an article in The Daily Telegraph.  This aerial view of the latest designs will be made available via the website, giving fashionistas, the Press, and everyone else an innovative view of the action.  They will also be offered the option of switching to more conventional views of the proceedings.

Fendi prides itself on being the first to use new technology and this is another example of the growing acceptance of drones and camera equipped quadcopters in all kinds of industries.

Who will be next to come up with a way that enhances their business?  So far we’ve seen multi rotor drones carrying high quality cameras used to film or take stills of many outdoor buildings, events, and landscapes, but this indoor use of quadcopters reminds use that hexa or octocopters are not the only way that businesses can make use of this technology.

Cameras mounted on drones can be used in any way arena or business that a conventional camera is used, which is just about every business there is, but cameras that are this versatile go into another dimension and open up a whole new world of possibilities.  This gives designers and directors a new form of technology that will expand their range and reach in all kinds of ways.

February 14, 2014

FAA Grounds Lakemaid Beer Drone

I guess it’s too soon for this type of thing.  The FAA’s decision to ground the Lakemaid beer drone comes as no surprise.   The Minnesota brewery came up with the idea of delivering beer to thirsty ice fishers by drone, but the FAA have given a clear “Oh no you don’t” citing the safety of people on the ground and in the air.

The Lakemaid beer drone was inspired by the recent news that Amazon were experimenting with drone deliveries. Drone deliveries in urban areas present all kinds of hazards that don’t exist in open country, nor, for example, over frozen lakes.  Even so, there are lower limits to the height at which drones can legally fly over people etc.

Minnesota ice fishers will have to continue to carry enough beer to last their excursions or revert to more traditional methods for going back to the store for more.  Meanwhile, testing and experimenting by various companies will continue while the FAA and other aviation authorities draw up legislation and guidelines for the use of commercial delivery drones.  It is expected that the FAA will issue new guidelines on the safe use of commercial drones by 2015.